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Parallel GRRM operation witn many nodes by NeoGRRM gave a new Map for BCNOS.
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____ Distribution of GRRM

A New Release of GRRM: GRRM20

GRRM20 was relaesed as a comercial product from HPC systems.

Release of GRRM: GRRM17

GRRM17 was released. Detailes about GRRM17 can be referred to the folowing page of AFIR.
AFIR Web Page:
Any acadmic user may be applied to GRRM17 at the following URL.
Non-academic users cannot be allowed to use GRRM17 except for some exceptional cases.

Release of GRRM: GRRM-Basic

GRRM-Basic has been released. The initial GRRM program(GRRM1.22) based on the SHS/ADDF method has been renewed with parallel operations at multinode-multicore computers, as a new program GRRM-Basic. This new program can be purchased at HPC SYSTEMS Inc. Click here GRRM-Basic/HPC-Systems

Release of GRRM: GRRM14

GRRM14 was released, as described in the article (PCCP 15, 3683(2013)) on the GRRM strategy. The GRRM14 is an outstanding tool for anybody who would like to explore potential energy surfaces. Academic researchers (need to be a group leader, not postdocs or students) who want to use the program should send a mail requesting the program to Prof. Koichi Ohno at the following address:
E-Mail: oh*nok@*to* (Remove *’s before using it)
After the application is made and the user ID is issued, the user must purchase a GRRM security tool from the specified vendor, before the user can use the code.
Click here to GRRM14 Security Tool STLib

To obtain more information about the GRRM program
Click here to the GRRM Guide

Click Next to see Examples of GRRM Applications.
____ Examples of GRRM Applications

Symposium on New Frontier of Chemical Reaction Path Search

Symposium on Reaction Path Search has been held annyally.
GRRM is a registered trademark of Institute for Quantum Chemical Exploration .