Photochemical analysys : A new aproach for using light-energy effectively!

Photochemical analysis of H2CO

GRRM program has made it possible to analyze photochemical reaction systematically and automatically.
The above figure shows energy diagrams for photochemical processes of formaledehyde H2CO. New MSX points have been identified by the GRRM program, which elucidated new aspects of photochemistry of formaldehydes shown in the above figure.

Phtochemical analysis of NO3 radical : Discovery of excited-state roaming mechanism

In the figure below, photochemical preocesses for NO3 are shown. In addition to produced O2 in highly excited vibrational states via the hot process, vaibrationally cold mechanism is found to be associated. This cold process is a direct photofragmentation process in the D1 state, and one of O atom roams around in a long distance to bind again onto one of O atom in the O-N-O. The roaming process in the excited state has thus been discovered for the first time.