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Outline & History

[Gaiyo, Syushi, Teikan]


Honorary Member

 Keiji Morokuma


 Koichi Ohno (Chief Director)
 Tetsuya Taketsugu (Vice-Chief Director)
 Hideo Yamakado (Director)
 Hiroko Satoh (Director)
 Satoshi Maeda (Director)
 Masaaki Ono (Director)
 Takehiko Sasaki (Auditor)

Regular Member

  Total: 37 persons
  2012 : 20
  2013 : 10
  2014 : 7

Supporting Member

 HPC Systems, Inc.
 Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
 Brodgestone, Co.
 Toyota Industries, Co.
 Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc.
 Toshiba, Co.
 Mitsubishi Rayon, Co. Ltd.


1st General Meeting 2013.5.15 Fukuoka

Establishment Celebration Symposium 2013.3.27 Tokyo

Establishment Registration 2013.2.15

Establishment Certification 2013.2.6

Establishment General Meeting 2012.9.22 Tokyo