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Web School

by Koichi OHNO

International Contribution
Web School provides the following textbooks produced by Koichi OHNO. This program is for those who want to study high levels of Physical Chemistry though they had no chances to get suitable textbooks. QUANTUM CHEMISTRY DownLoad English translation of "Introductory Chemistry Series (6)" IWANAMI, 1996, ISBN4-00-007986-7C3343 _________ This book has been produced for those who want to study quantum chemistry. (1) Students of chemical sciences and technologies. (2) Students of physical and biological sciences and technologies. (3) People who had no chances to study quantum chemistry or to study new developments of quantum chemistry, though once they had studied it before. This book includes new styles of explanations for very important problems in chemistry, which have not been described in many textbooks. i) Many books only show electron configurations of atoms for explaining the periodicity. In this book, quantum theories for the chemical reactivity are described in detail. Explanations are given for fundamental conditions of outstanding chemical stability of rare gas atoms and how rare gas atoms can become reactive when the conditions are lost. ii) In many books, the nature of chemical bonds has not been treated in terms of binding forces acting on nuclei. In this book, binding or antibinding nature of electron densities are introduced based on Feynman's electrostatic theorem. iii) Molecular orbitals and their energy level diagrams can be constructed based on simple principles and techniques, which are not only useful in understanding more sophisticated quantum chemical methods but also for predicting various important aspects of molecular structures and chemical reactions. This book provides useful skills of such approaches. iv) In addition to the above new treatments, theoretical bases of quantum mechanics are clearly described. The meaning of the replacement of classical momenta by operators is explained in terms of simultaneous equations related to Einstein/de Broglie relations.


CHAPTER 1 PDF: 771 KB Quantum theory and the wave equation
CHAPTER 2 PDF: 578 KB Atom
CHAPTER 3 PDF: 223 KB Basic methods of application
CHAPTER 4 PDF: 454 KB Methods for many-atom systems and their applications
CHAPTER 5 PDF:1472 KB Molelcular orbital and molecular structure
CHAPTER 6 PDF: 521 KB Molecular orbital and chemical reaction

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